Now is the week of my discontent  

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Yep. I worked some overtime Wednesday night and started my regular schedule last night. The fun part is that it's Hell Week time. Seven (well eight now) glorious days seeing the same people for 12 hours a night. If that's not motivation, I don't know what. One of these Hell Weeks, I may put up a post a night to show the slow decline that is brought on at this time. It would be amusing. Pictures would be better, but I know that wouldn't happen even if I did have a cameraphone. Anyway, in the meantime, Check out my other blog, I See Stupid People with my girl, The L. There is a funny post on there which has sparked me to pull out some stuff that I wasn't going to mention. Actually, I'll be glad when I get off my butt and post the one or two posts I've started on.

Oh, also in the meantime. are you looking for events in your area? Are you having an event in your area. Well, check out I just came across this site last night and it seems interesting. you can search out your area to see if there are any events coming up there. It looks as though you can post an event there also to get the word out of it, check your friends events, and I believe, do RSVP's from there. I hadn't checked it out thoroughly, so you can see. when you go to it, it looks as though it will bring up stuff in your area automatically but you can look in other places or change the one that comes up. Anyway, bored? Check it out. There might be something going on around that you didn't know about.


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October 3, 2006 at 11:15 AM

seriously i am still convinced there is something really illegal about your work schedule. y'all must have some different labor laws than we do up here. you wouldn't be considered a migrant farm worker by chance, i just found out that if i can get one to live in my house, we might be eligible for food stamps! hey don't knock it, shit's getting expensive these days. lol

October 3, 2006 at 11:16 AM

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